Research Interest

My doctoral research aims to situate IIPP’s policy themes (the direction of growth, public value and market shaping) within the framework of contemporary analytic political philosophy. I argue that liberal egalitarians (for example, John Rawls) should be interested in innovation-led growth and that concerns such as Paternalism and state neutrality do not rule out an active role in pursuing such growth. I defend the idea that market shaping (the state influencing which products under which conditions are sold in the market) is one attractive mechanism for policy makers to ensure that long-term societal processes – such as technological transformation – feed into building and maintaining just institutions. This is particularly relevant in the context of the structural adjustments needed to combat climate change.

My academic interests include: the moral standing of markets, social justice, evolutionary and institutional economics and climate policy. I also read and think about Public Administration, the history of economic thought (especially the German Historical School), the theory of the state and the role of political philosophy in policy discourse.


For up-to-date drafts of my dissertation chapters, please contact me.

‘When value doesn’t have a price’, UCL IIPP blog post, Medium
‘Innovation is political, economics is social: Celebrating one year of the IIPP Theory Reading Group’, UCL IIPP blog post, Medium
‘Covid-19: Political Turmoil and the Opportunity for Change’, What to do about now Blog

‘An Internalist View of Specific Thought’, unpublished MPhil Thesis, University of Cambridge

Funded by The Public Goods Institute, I am working on an English translation of Gerhard Colm’s ‘Volkswirtschaftliche Theorie der Staatsausgaben: Ein Beitrag zur Finanztheorie’ (1927). In this book, Colm works out a conceptual distinction between state economy and market economy. His ideas are summarised here.

Paper Presentations

13th November 2020: Victorian Postgraduate Philosophy Workshop,
University of Melbourne
‘Individual Obligation in Dynamic Economic Contexts’

8th November 2020: Philosophy of Economics Working Group, YSI Virtual Plenary
‘The Normative Significance of Growth’ (slides)

13th June 2020: Innovations, Pseudo-Innovations and Corporate Social Responsibility, University of Kraków
‘Innovation, Economic Growth and Social Progress’ (slides)

25th March 2020: Research Workshop, Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose, UCL
‘Justice-based evaluations of markets to be shaped’ (slides)

15th February 2020: Warwick Graduate Conference in Political and Legal Theory, University of Warwick
‘Can Market Shaping Policies Promote Autonomy?’ (handout)

8th January 2020: Philosophy in Progress, University of Nottingham 
‘Four ways in which Market Shaping Policies are not Paternalistic’ (handout)

1st November 2019: Public Issues and Public Reason, Carleton University 
‘Picking a Direction: Growth and State Neutrality’ (slides)

11th June 2019: Brave New World, MANCEPT, University of Manchester 
‘Picking a Direction: Growth and State Neutrality’ 

2nd April 2019: Research Workshop, Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose, UCL 
‘Liberal neutrality versus directed mission-oriented policy’