PhD Thesis: The Political Philosophy of Market Shaping

My thesis examines to which extent liberal theories of political legitimacy are compatible with and require market shaping and state-led economic growth. By bringing about new markets through innovation, policy may enable individuals to fulfil their individual responsibilities without infringing on their freedom or autonomy. This allows us to identify the respective roles of government and consumers in shaping markets that are conducive to climate mitigation.

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Academic Interests

My academic interests include: the moral standing of markets, social justice, evolutionary and institutional economics and climate policy. I also read and think about public administration, the history of economic thought, the theory of the state and the role of political philosophy in policy discourse.

Blog Posts

‘When value doesn’t have a price’ (2018), UCL IIPP blog post, Medium
‘Innovation is political, economics is social: Celebrating one year of the IIPP Theory Reading Group’ (2020), UCL IIPP blog post, Medium
‘Covid-19: Political Turmoil and the Opportunity for Change’ (2020), What to do about now Blog
‘Innovation Portfolios: Examples from Practitioners’ (2021), Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OECD) Blog

MPhil Thesis

‘An Internalist View of Specific Thought’, unpublished MPhil Thesis, University of Cambridge