2020/21 Teaching


In the academic year 2020/21, I will be Postgraduate Teaching Assistant (PGTA) in the Module “Grand Challenges and Systems Change” (Course coordinator: Dr. Kate Roll) in the Master of Public Administration (MPA) in Innovation, Public Policy and Public Value at UCL. During the term, my office hours are Thursdays 3 – 4 pm (UK time).


I will also be PGTA for the Module “Ethics, Economics, and Public Policy” (Course coordinators: Dr. Carmen Pavel and Dr. Roberto Fumagalli) in the Department of Political Economy at King’s College London. During the term, my office hours are Thursdays 2 – 3 pm (UK time).

2019/20 Teaching


Term 1: Public Value and Public Purpose
Week 1, Introduction
Week 2, The Capitalist Context
Week 7, Value Production in the Public Domain

Term 2: Transformation by Design
Week 5, Digital Services I
Week 6, Digital Services II
Week 7, Digital Services III (cancelled due to strike)
Week 8, Internet of Things (cancelled due to strike)
Week 9, Artificial Intelligence (cancelled due to strike)
Week 10, Digital and Technological Sovereignty (rescheduled due to Covid-19)

I discussed the threat of “Digital Feudalism” with MPA students in this podcast.